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Home ยป Julia Fox Looks Unrecognizable In Platinum Blonde Hair & Bleached Brows

Julia Fox Looks Unrecognizable In Platinum Blonde Hair & Bleached Brows

Julia Fox Looks Unrecognizable In Platinum Blonde Hair & Bleached Brows

Julia Fox has made a daring statement with her daring new look, demonstrating her fearless style with a striking metamorphosis of bleached blonde hair and matching eyebrows.

The Uncut Gems star revealed her dramatic hair transformation on Instagram on August 24 by revealing platinum blonde hair and matching eyebrow bleaching. In the photograph, Julia’s new hairstyle featured a messy side part and a damp appearance.

The photograph captured Julia’s captivating new appearance, with platinum blonde hair exquisitely swept to the side and styled with a wet hair appearance. Her bleached eyebrows, which she ingeniously used to draw attention to her distinguishing facial feature, caught the eye.

Julia chose a bare-faced look to highlight her newly dyed eyebrows, resulting in a captivating contrast from her usual makeup choices, which included a prominent cat-eye or a vibrant lip shade.

In the same post, Julia shared two additional images highlighting her recent hair transformations. One photograph depicted her as a redhead with matching eyebrows. Another photograph showed her with her natural dark brown roots.

The 33-year-old best summarized her transformations by penning “Shades.”

As the images reached her devoted fan base, admiration for her daring transformations flooded in. Admirers inundated the comments section with compliments for her blonde hairstyle, which stood out among her other looks.

Amanda de Cadenet, a British photographer, remarked, “Back to blonde 100%.”

Another user responded, “The blonde looks beautiful on you,” while someone else jokingly added, “BLONDES HAVE MORE FUN!!!!”

While this may be Julia’s first foray into the realm of blonde hair, it’s not her initial encounter with bleached eyebrows. In a candid admission shared on her Instagram Stories in May of the previous year, she revealed her fondness for the look, explaining how it granted her a semblance of anonymity.

The lighter brows seemed to have lessened the frequency of her being recognized on the streets, allowing her to enjoy a temporary shield from public attention.

In May of last year, she stated on Instagram Stories, “Since I bleached the brow[s] I get stopped on the street way less.” “Even tho I fkin love u guys I’m enjoying this false sense of anonymity.”

And Julia has never been hesitant to try new fashion and makeup styles.

The model’s style knows no bounds, as evidenced by her transparent crystal top at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival and her balaclava with an attached bikini top during Milan Fashion Week in September 2022.

But Julia is used to stretching the boundaries.

“I’m very instinctual,” she told E! News exclusively last September. “I’m not a calculated type of celebrity trying to sell stuff. It’s genuinely how I’m feeling or if I want to express myself in a certain way or share something with the world.”

“I need to keep doing what I’m doing, which is being myself,” she added, adding that “if it breaks the internet, it breaks the internet.” It doesn’t if it doesn’t. “Just another day.”

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