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Wendy’s Is Coming Up With 2 New Breakfast Sandwiches

Wendy's Is Coming Up With 2 New Breakfast Sandwiches

Wendy’s has established itself as a formidable competitor in the fast-food breakfast market, recording its highest quarterly breakfast sales volume ever in the most recent quarter. Wendy’s will shortly add two brand-new options to its breakfast menu, which is excellent news for breakfast lovers.

Next week, the fast-food chain will introduce two breakfast sandwiches made with English muffins.

Among the new products is a “one-of-a-kind savory buttery spread.” They will be garnished with a freshly cracked egg, melted cheese, and either Applewood-smoked bacon or a sausage patty.

The English muffins will also be served with a savory buttery spread that has a trace of brown sugar sweetness and is seasoned with freshly ground black pepper. Wendy’s did not provide pricing details for these new brunch offerings.

The new English muffins will be available in brunch hours at restaurants nationwide beginning on August 22. Wendy’s reportedly tried sixty variations of the breakfast sandwich before determining the optimal combination.

Wendy’s is offering $2 off any breakfast combo in its app from August 22 to September 3 to commemorate the new menu changes. It may be found in the “Offers” section of the Rewards Store app or website.

Wendy’s will be offering English muffin breakfast sandwiches for the first time since re-entering the morning market in 2020. Currently, the chain sells a variety of breakfast sandwiches on croissants, biscuits, and buns.

These two new breakfast dishes debuted just a few weeks after Wendy’s expanded its breakfast drink menu. In late July, the restaurant debuted a range of Frosty Cream Cold Brew drinks, which comprise a blend of cold brew coffee and Frosty creamer served over ice. They are available in three flavors: vanilla, chocolate, and caramel.

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